€$¥ International SIM cards let you use your mobile for cheap when you are abroad

Just follow our step by step instructions to gain access to cheap calls, SMS and data on your phone or tablet while you’re overseas.

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About ESY International

ESY Sim Card

What are ESY, and why should I get into this field?
We are the top international roaming service provider that provides customers with a SIM card that keeps them connected abroad. You don’t have to use scratch cards or worry about a shocking bill with our service as it is prepaid.

No manual configurations are needed to set up the SIM card. Just buy the SIM size that fits your phone, slot it in and start using the service. Once you land, our SIM card will auto connect to the supported network in the country that you’re travelling to. This way, you will be connected with ease to start enjoying our affordable text, call and data charges.

Our service is focused on you, our customer. We understand that making calls, data, and browsing while abroad is expensive. Our plans keep you connected to your friends, family and colleagues at all times during your travel. We guarantee that our international communication product will meet all your needs.

At ESY International, we offer you real communication freedom. You don’t have to agree to any contract or keep purchasing calling cards because our service is prepaid. Just pick your preferred plan and start using your phone as you would back home. We don’t have any hidden fees or charges.

Designing ESY
with Premium Voice quality
We have agreements in over 190 countries with the top local communication companies.  These companies have the best coverage and low costs and we pass these and other benefits to you. We guarantee we have your favorite destination covered.
We also have the best customer care representatives in the business. Our team is available 24/7 to make sure that you enjoy the service every step of the way.
If you are a frequent or seasonal traveler, you do not need just any international SIM card, you need the ESY International SIM because you are a smart traveler.