€$¥ International SIM cards let you use your mobile for cheap when you are abroad

Just follow our step by step instructions to gain access to cheap calls, SMS and data on your phone or tablet while you’re overseas.

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Why ESY International

ESY Sim Card

What are ESY, and why should I get into this field?
If you are a seasonal or frequent traveller for business or personal reasons, you understand the importance of having an international roaming SIM card. You can use this SIM card when you’re abroad to make and receive phone calls, SMS and browse the internet.
At ESY International we have an international roaming SIM that allows users to stay connected when overseas.
So, why ESY International?

Many people claim that there is no need to buy another SIM card when the local one easily auto-connects to the network of choice while abroad.

Let us explain why this is not the best move:

Using your local SIM card while abroad is not an option due to the high bill that you will receive when you get back. You should know that any call or SMS that you send while abroad is added to your regular tariff leading to high charges. You are not only charged to make a call but for receiving one as well. When using the internet, you are also charged outside your standard package. All in all, it is expensive to use your local SIM card when abroad.

There are other International SIM companies in the world, so why should I choose ESY SIM?
This is a no-brainer, the following are some of the reasons why you choose ESY International:

Our international roaming SIM is the only one that allows you to make incredible savings.

Our service is prepaid meaning that you will never receive a bill again.

We have coverage in over 190 countries and our SIM automatically connects to a supported network in the region that you’re travelling to.

We have the best roaming plans in the market.

For only $10, you will get this amazing International SIM that guarantees connection at all times.

We are a company that is working hard to meet all your communication needs around the world.